January 2016

Happy New Years to our Mobility Members

Avalon Ridge

On Wednesday, January 6, 2016…. The Union & the company met with each other for our quarterly dialogue meeting. Arthur Scales was in attendance for the first time since his joining the call center replacing Marta Almo in Sept 2015. The Company reported they closed at 102% for December. A survey conducted by the Union in November regarding the center's morale resulted in the Director Reyna having the area managers conduct Leadership Engagement Meetings with their Team Managers.  They advised they met with all employees to inform that the call center was not closing so no one needed to worry about job security. The call center has about 120 employee not including the New Hire Training class of 15 which began on January 5, 2016. The company advised they will be rolling out a new system for the MI60’s to use via an IPad.  We requested a clear and concise job description for the MI60’s. A new shift bid goes into effect January 31. The call center will start a career development group which will offer peer to peer coaching on how to create a resume as well as how to interview for new positions or other employment opportunities.  It will be a 30 minute mentoring from managers per person each month. 2 New Matrix for this year will be implemented that's the 72 hour call back repeat rate and the MyAT&T Adoption which will measure if the customer access online thru the app or online.

 Retail Stores

Last Month we lost Mylan Toovey, the Metro Atlanta, Area Manager.  Currently the position has not been filed. The company and union finally settled on the MyAT&T Grievances. We were also able to get the company to reevaluate the numbers for the Holcomb Bridge retail store from this past August, the store was severely understaffed and the store goals didn’t take that into consideration.   Our members will be paid out the difference on their February check. For those interested in UNITY @ MOBILITY training please email me at mpiper@cwa3204.org