April 4, 2019

Please remember the change made November 2018 in reference to the filling of FMLA. This is done by accessing HR 1 Stop and entering leave link. FMLA documentation is to be received by the FMLA department 5 days from the date of the first absence. If you need any assistance with FMLA, STD, or Job Accommodation feel free to contact me at 404 614-3714 or by email.

November 9, 2018 From the desk of Benefits



As an AT&T employee based on your seniority you are given ill paid days. You must advise your manager when you call out ill if you want it to be coded ill paid or ill unpaid otherwise it is being found managers are automatically putting ill paid. Review your contract to see your entitlement of days. 

Remember when you return back to work and you are claiming FMLA you have 48 hours from the day you return to access Leavelink and send your information.

If you need assistance with Leavelink, Fmla, Job Accommodation, Short term disability or benefit questions and you are a CWA member please contact your benefit liaison Yolanda Pearson at 404 614 3714 or by email cwabenefits@yahoo

June 13, 2018

From the desk of the Executive Vice President and Benefit Liaison

BST employees, please remember the union has 60 days in which we have to meet on a grievance on the 1st step,  being an informal and requested for a 2nd step meeting being either a panel  or formal grievance if we could not come to a settlement during the 1st step with the company. Immediately after you receive a discipline or feel as though some form of violation has been conducted and you wish to file a grievance call the union. Dont wait and take the chance of being told we will take your grievance but due to the 60 day deadline the company may and tell us they are not going to meet because we have gone over the 60 days. Dial 404 688 1265 x 3332 and let us put it in writing asap.

Mobility employees please remember our time limit  45 days from the date of discipline to meet with the company on the 1st and 2nd step and to have it at the district of we have to push up due ti not being able to settle. .

We are on the clock once your discipline has been given so contact the union as soon as possible if you wish to proceed with a grievance. Again 404 688 1256 x 3332.

Remember your Weingarten Rights. You have a right to union representation and the company must honor this right.


 You have 48 hours to report to the  FMLA dept time that you were away from work ill. You have 14 days to file FMLA paperwork from the day that your return to work. If you mail in your forms you have 20 days. Remember your days run concurrent this includes Saturday and Sunday. On the 8th day if you don't return to work you go directly into Short Term Disability.

To claim FMLA you need to have worked 1250  hours. 

If you have questions in regards to benefits to include FMLA, Short Term Disability and  Job Accommodation please don't hesitate to contact me directly at 404 614-3714 or by email cwabenefits@yahoo.com

If you need to contact me with questions or concerns regarding any Union matter please don't hesitate to contact me directly at 404 614-3714 or by email cwabenefits@yahoo.com


CWA Local 3204

Executive Vice President and

Benefits Liaison

404 614-3714