September 2019 meeting

I want to start by saying THANK YOU!! To everyone that stood strong with us, and showed the company we were serious. We can’t sit back now. Please stay informed and come to the meetings, get on FaceBook, or our 3204 website.

Right now 9-4-19 we are trying to have someone from the bargaining team to come to the union meeting to go over the new agreement. Please stay in touch.

If you have an accident investigation please call me as soon as the company notifies you so I can get a union rep. Don’t go into a meeting alone.

I am trying to find the new website to order uniforms, if you have the information please send it to me.

Report for August 2019 Union meeting

The end of last month the executive board was at the 77th CWA international convention. We had the privilege of attending the Minority Caucus conference a couple of days before the convention. The caucus was very informative we had several people that talked, one of them came from the 2020 census and gave out information letting us know that it is against the law for any of your census information to be used outside of that department. He went on to say that it is actually a fine plus jail time. They are trying very hard to get a good count because that is what drives the money that the government gives to the State and county programs so we need to do our best to help them inform as many people as possible.

I know we are working without a contract and there are several rumors going on, let me assure you the union is still here, we are still representing folks. if you feel you need a union rep in a meeting with you and your manager please request us. If for any reason you are told by management that you cannot have a union rep we need to know immediately.

We are getting a lot of questions because of the surplus please make sure that you call and speak with Ed Barlow so that you have all of your questions answered.

As always please call Yolanda Pearson for any benefits questions you may have.

Blue Monday, red Tuesday and Thursday, white Wednesday, and Black Friday. Mobilize

May 2019


On April 24 we finally got an answer to the grievance we filed against the company for violating section 4.405 of the CWA/BST U-versus field operations network addendum concerning the 14 hour overtime cap for wire technicians.

Consistent with section 4.01 of the U-verse addendum, wire technicians should be scheduled 40 hours per week. hours worked outside of the scheduled hours are not included in the 40 hours; however, this time does count towards the overtime build for compensation and for the overtime cap In section 4.05.

When an employee is scheduled to work overtime such time worked should be applied towards the 14 hour overtime provision in section 4.05. The employee may decline overtime offered which would exceed 14 hours during the particular week without having to furnish a reason except when long-term service difficulties exist or when substantial service interruptions occur. The company, however, should not reduce any employees scheduled overtime solely because the employee has worked more than 14 hours of overtime that week prior to the scheduled overtime.

Any employee who has already worked 14 hours of overtime in a week can refuse a request to work non-scheduled overtime. Once an employee has met the 14 hour overtime cap, The technician should not be required, without consent, to complete an assigned task unless the work can be completed in a reasonable period of time.

The company signed off on this agreement on April 24 2019.


VF imagewear will no longer be the vendor for the uniform program described on page 310 of the BST agreement. The AT&T Southeast uniform program ordering website will be shut down on 5/26/19 for a period of 4 to 6 weeks to transition over to the new vendor Image Solutions. If you need to order uniforms please do so before 5/26/19.


The company has initiated training on “one man bore”. The Union would like to get your opinion on how successful this training has been. We did send two jobs stewards to attend the training at different locations. The feedback that was received was that even though this process can be done it is actually not saving the company any time or money by only sending one technician on a bore. It is our understanding that one technician doing the boring by himself would take approximately two hours, but two technicians doing the exact same job could finish in 45 minutes. The reason for the time difference was contributed to the fact that while one person can’t work as fast as two and still maintain the same level of safety. In order to maintain the proper level of safety the single person must slow down.

September 11, 2018 Union Meeting

 Executive level grievance B18-ALL-003

The company is violating article 4.07A of the collective bargaining agreement by assigning wage scale 31 work “fiber splicing“, to wage scale 5 employees.

Due to recent confirmation that field services technicians are not placing connectors on fiber network terminating wires, I have withdrawn the above reference grievance without president or prejudice. In Unity, Billy O’Dell.

 An executive level grievance has been filed on the overtime cap for wire technicians. The union is asking all wire technicians to notify their managers in writing that effective immediately they will not volunteer to work any overtime at all, and that any and all overtime hours worked will therefore be considered mandated. This request is necessary because the company believes that your overtime cap of 14 hours only comes into play when they force you overtime not when you come in on your off day. The union completely disagrees with this. If you have any questions I have the full letter and package sent by the district that I can make available to you please call me.

For the technicians that drive vehicles requiring hydraulic fluid it has come to the attention of the union and the company that when repairs are being made to the vehicles, hydraulic oil spills are being left in the beds and on the decks of the truck. Going forward we are requesting that you send photos of any hydraulic fluid that is left in the bed of the truck to Mike Callahan at or 404-702-4385. The company is working on fixing this problem but has asked for our help.

As always please make sure you have the proper foot ware for the job. Make sure your boots have a good sole and are laced up past your ankles for your own safety.

January 2017 Report

Happy New Year!! The Metro Atlanta Coalition of Black Trade Unionists (CBTU) is having a winter membership drive: Jan 17th to Feb 18th. To join contact:  AT&T SE Labor has notified the union of the following items:

For the network operations 10-hour overtime months in 2017 the company has designated February, March, April and November in the organizations under Walsh, Maus, Regan and Wood.

“Based on positive results in the Fleet Mode trial and resulting in 29% fewer accidents, TFS will begin using Fleet Mode for technicians. Approximately 200 TFS techs and all Business Services techs will be in the rollout (those that have smartphones). The program will expand as techs get smartphones. The app will be paired via Bluetooth to a device in the vehicle that will activate at >15 MPH, it disables incoming messaging, so the technician will not receive calls or texts. It also disables outgoing calls except emergency calls”.

The company will be moving work from C&E to TFS. On a call with the company trying to get more info, we were told: 1. The reason for the move is due to the volume of work in C&E; 2. This move involves less than 200 full time employees worth of work; 3. This move will not result in a surplus.


Susan Moss


VP CWA 3204