June 15, 2018

January 2017 Report

Happy New Year!! The Metro Atlanta Coalition of Black Trade Unionists (CBTU) is having a winter membership drive: Jan 17th to Feb 18th. To join contact: AtlantaMetroCBTU@att.net  AT&T SE Labor has notified the union of the following items:

For the network operations 10-hour overtime months in 2017 the company has designated February, March, April and November in the organizations under Walsh, Maus, Regan and Wood.

“Based on positive results in the Fleet Mode trial and resulting in 29% fewer accidents, TFS will begin using Fleet Mode for technicians. Approximately 200 TFS techs and all Business Services techs will be in the rollout (those that have smartphones). The program will expand as techs get smartphones. The app will be paired via Bluetooth to a device in the vehicle that will activate at >15 MPH, it disables incoming messaging, so the technician will not receive calls or texts. It also disables outgoing calls except emergency calls”.

The company will be moving work from C&E to TFS. On a call with the company trying to get more info, we were told: 1. The reason for the move is due to the volume of work in C&E; 2. This move involves less than 200 full time employees worth of work; 3. This move will not result in a surplus.


Susan Moss


VP CWA 3204