September Membership Report

• The newest store on Memorial Drive was robbed at gunpoint. No one was physically harmed. All affected employees have been in contact with the proper channel to discuss their benefit options. 

• This is the time of year we see an increase in fraud and theft. Be mindful of your surroundings. Do not leave your coworkes on the sales floor alone. Park close to each other to ensure everyone gets in their car safely. If you have questions or concerns about safety protocol in stores, please feel free to reach out to me. 

• Now that it is September, please be mindful of your vacation hours. Yu can only carry over 1 week from this year to the next. Anything else is use it or lose it. 

• There have been a lot of manager movements this last 2 weeks in all departments. Please check your attendance points. If something is not correct, send your current manager an email and CC the one who was supposed to correct the points. If this process is unsuccessful, please file a grievance. 

• Iphone launch is this month. This usually means split shifts on the preorder weekend and launch weekend. This also will mean overtime for the call center. 

• With the heavy call volume this time of year, let’s make sure that we are mindful of all policies and procedures. I do not want to see anyone lose their job especially around the holiday season.

August Membership Report

Mobility has 45 days from the date of occurrence to file a grievance. The sooner you file, the quicker we can get the documentation we need and a meeting scheduled with the company. 


We have had an increase in attendance issues in both the call center and retail. If you have questions about FMLA, job accommodations, or any medical leave I urge you to reach out to Yolanda Pearson. She is still receiving calls stating “my manager told me not to worry” or “my manager said he would fix it months ago”

Please make sure that if your manager is coaching you either one on one or in a group daily huddle that you are letting them coach and develop you. If you refuse, the company has been discipling members with COBC insubordination write ups. 

We had a new hire class of almost 40 call center reps start on 7-23. We have also had 2 new stores open. The most recent one is located on Memorial Drive maybe 5 mins away from the local.

 We have been told that the 14th floor at Morosgo will be moving to the 8th floor at 754 around mid November. They will move in 2 different waves.

May 2019

It is very important that you read every coaching that a member of management puts on your file, gives to you personally, or emails you. This is your personnel record. Coachings can lead to discipline. If you disagree with anything in the coaching or in your record, please let the union know. Document everything you can about the incident while it is fresh in your memory. Any small detail can be important. This includes, time of the occurrence, where you/cowokers/managers were standing/sitting, what you said or even hand jestures if there are video camera. Most recently we won 3 grievances because of small accurate details the union was able to gather while talking to the grievants. For stewards, its very important that we ask detailed questions to dig deep into the situation. Every grievance is different. No two are alike.

  • We are in the Black Contract for Mobility. You can find a copy of it online on our local page under contracts. You can also ask any union steward or myself for a digital copy or a paper copy. The company also has it on HR Onestop too.

  • You cannot be an employee with 4 years of seniority and state you did not know the company has an attendance policy. I am happy to explain it to you or help you obtain a copy. The attendance policy is specifically for which ever department of mobility you are employed. From HR Onestop you can:

    • scroll down from the home page, click attendance

    • select attendance guidelines then the channel you work in

As always, please call for a union steward. It is up to you to speak up. The company will not always provide a steward for you.



In November there was a meeting with AT&T Mobility leadership and the union. Here are some of the main topics that were discussed:

  • AT&T Mobility Leadership is working on a way for technicians to become familiar with promos and pricing. They are going to work on a way to bridge the gap between the garages and retail stores. Garage managers will soon start to visit the stores to answer questions about what our issues are in retail and see what they can do to help us out.

  • -Mycoach-Renea Fuller, an AT&T HR specialist, held a 2 day long training for all assistant managers and up. This training focused on one specific application- Mycoach. The training was held on Nov 12 and 13th. Managers were trained on how to have proper face to face conversations. Hopefully this training will help deliver a con

  • There is a new store coming within the CNN Center. We have been told it will open around super bowl time.

  • First net is still big focus. The company is trying to develop a wallet size card with discount info on it that we can handout to drive business in to the stores

    Call Center:

  • We continue to have issues with surveys. It being paid out. Please keep filing grievances until a new method can be established. Most of the grievances are getting settled and payments have been issued to the reps.

  • You have the right to request any and all disciplinary documentation. Your records and file should be checked for accuracy.

New hires: please keep a close eye on your attendance. For the first 26 weeks you are on a very strict nw hire attendance policy. This means if you step out of class too long, if you are late from a break, or if you are late to class…you could be terminated. They take attendance very seriously.

November Union Meeting Report

Call Center:

  • Some grievances that were filed earlier this year for incorrect surveys have come back from the district. It was a successful win for the union. The company settled and paid our members as high as $772!! Every grievance is different but a win is a win.

  • There was a huge issue with the mini bid that the company most recently activated. A group grievance was filed. The company realized it caused a lot of confusion. Those who spoke up were given their original schedule choices instead of the one they chose during the mini bid.


  • Screenshots do not work as your go to resource for your schedule. There is a link which you can save to a work device if you need to check your schedule while you are at work.  Per the contract: article 12 section 2.c states:

    • “Work schedules for the next calendar week shall be officially posted or furnished by the Company to show the scheduled tours the employee is to work prior to 12 noon of each Friday (the Company will endeavor to post schedules for the next two weeks prior to 12 noon of each Friday). Such schedules shall include the starting and ending time of each of the tours making up the scheduled workweek. For tours longer than five (5) hours, such schedules will also include the length of the period to be allowed for meals.

    • If no change is so posted or furnished prior to the time specified above, the schedule in effect for the employee for the last calendar week assigned to work shall be considered as that employee’s work schedule for the next calendar week.

PTO bidding started on November 1st and ends December 4th. Please pay close attention to where it says add a week/day. You can submit more than 1 week but you need to select that “add week/day” button. Bidding starts in seniority order and works its way down. After everyone has bid on weeks, the bidding will start over in seniority order with bidding for days. Tips: because this is a lot of bidding that we have to do, please let the person after you know when you are finished so that they can do the same for the next person. This will expedite the process and ensure that everyone has a fair chance to bid.

Again, thank you for always calling, emailing, and texting me. My line is always open J

Important Dates:

2019 Blackout dates for PTO:

Jan 2nd

Nov 24th-30th

Dec 8th-30th

Open Enrollment for benefits ends Nov 16th at 8pm

October 9, 2018 Membership Meeting Report

AT&T Mobility:

Call Center:

• On Wednesday, October 3rd we met with another class of mobility call center new hires at 575 Morosgo Drive. 

• Mandatory overtime is officially over. There are no further plans to hire anyone else before the move to 754. 

• Please make sure you clock in on time through the computer. If there is an issue, clock in on the phone. Email your team manager and your attendance manager as soon as you are logged in to the computer with the details of the situation.


• We have added 2 new stores in our local….west paces ferry in Atlanta, GA and at the Avalon near 400 and old Milton parkway in Alpharetta, GA

• Report for same day activate/deact is now a hot topic 

• Known issue with honoring seniority with the schedule

Asset Protection issues:

• Don’t put your coworkers in headlocks. Make sure you keep your hands to yourself

• Please do not leave the store with a customer’s personal belongings in your possession.

September 11, 2018 Union Meeting

New hire class started in mobility call center-all 24 reps joined the union. The organizing committee did a fantastic job!! I would like to thank each of them for representing the union STRONG every time they are organizing.

Unity@mobility--I attended a 2-day training class which was a district wide project. We talked about reaching out to each member face to face/one on one conversation in our district and having more consistent one on one contact with the reps. We also talked about what it would take get get more mobility members active in each of the locals. It’s hard to get members from mobility which consist of retail and the call center to attend union meetings due to their scheduling, head count, and call volume issues. Each trainer was assigned an area to cover. Some stores are not in their local.

Call Center:

·        Area manager on the 14th floor has informed us that Mandatory OT will continue until mid sept

·        On Aug 7th management stated they ordered hooks for the members to hang their personal items on since the drawers were now locked. I followed up on the status of the hooks-they were mailed to the wrong city. Hooks are in route to be delivered-no delivery yet as of 9-6-18

·        Reminder-Adhere to the clean desk policy


·        Reps need to pay close attention to their points. I received a call from a member with 24 points who is questioning each occurrence. There are 35 occurrences on his attendance record totaling 35 points. Please establish a paper trail for yourself when your points are incorrect. If you have any schedule changes, email your manager to confirm the edit. When you have a point that is incorrect, email your manager and let them know. Your attendance record is your responsibility-its like a credit report.

·        Your points take 12 months from the day you receive them to fall off.


·        There is a store which is being investigated for fraud. I strongly urge each person to do the right thing at work. The company has a way of tracking down each phone and sim card that is sold out. In the past 30 days I have been called for representation 6 times for fraudulent assets protection interviews.

·        Please do not fondle or grope your coworkers. Even if you are in a relationship, at&t can write you up on COBC violation for causing a sexually charged up work place

August 13, 2018 Union Meeting 

General: All members should have received a contract book. If you have not received one, please let me or a mobility job steward know. We will get you on ASAP. There is a digital copy online too.

 Call Center:

  • Mandatory overtime is still in effect. The good news is that the call center is getting plenty and plenty of work. Some employees are taking over 600 calls a month. The calls are coming in back to back. We can’t so no to work but they are working!!!!

  • Thank you to Ben Marshall whose hard work helped save a member’s job. We are in the process of finalizing a termination reversal and bringing someone back to work! Ben communicates with his coworkers and urges them to speak up when they have been done wrong.


August 1st a surplus was announced in Mobility. This announcement affected the SSR Role in retail stores nationwide. The company started informing the affected work group on Aug 1st. nationwide there are 2,069 SSRs. In our new mobility contract, we have a Employment Security Commitment Agreement that says the Company commits to make a job offer to all who are surplussed due to a Store or Call Center closing, or if any of the Retail and Call Center titles is eliminated, which is the case here. All SSRs will be offered a Retail Sales Consultant (RSC) job, at their current store location and testing requirements will be waived.

In addition, new language from the new 2018 contract that provides for an employee who is identified as surplus to get “priority placement” for other available jobs will also be extended to the surplus employee. The company is following the contract language, and reached out to CWA to offer the Employment Security Commitment language

The way this will work is:

  1. Each SSR will meet with their manger and will get the information in an email following the meeting with their manager.  The SSRs will be told that they are guaranteed an RSC job, in the store where they currently work. As of August 1st, the Company will place an indicator that lets the hiring managers and the on-line jobs system recognize that the employee is in surplus status.

  2. The surplus employees may immediately begin applying for jobs other than RSC.  Labor Relations is compiling a list of job openings in the areas where there are call centers, but all employees currently have access to view job postings.

  3. Sometime around 15 days after the surplus announcement, AT&T will formally offer the guaranteed job – which in this case is the RSC job - at the store where they work, to every SSR.  They expect this to be August 17th.  The SSRs will have until August 20th to accept or decline the RSC job offer.

  4. If they accept the job, they will be moved over to the RSC title effective September 9, 2018. SSR to RSC is a pay upgrade and each SSR will get a raise and then a new 6 month progression to max for the RSC title.  As a new RSC, they will also be under the new hire ramp up period of the Sales Commission plan.

  5. Everyone will get the standard 10 day self-paced RSC new hire training in the store.

  6. Time on title requirements in the RSC position will be waived for SSRs accept the guaranteed job.

  7. If an SSR declines the RSC job, and chooses to leave with their severance pay, they can opt to leave September 30th, or stay until October 30th.

  8. If an SSR declines the RSC job, but still hopes to stay on in another title, they may continue to apply for other jobs up until October 30th, at which point they will be leaving with a severance if they have not secured another job by then.

      Quota relief will be applied to 1st month@100%, 2nd month@50%, 3rd month@25%

June 15, 2018

Greetings from Mobility!!

May and June have been some very busy months for us. Here are some of the things the stewards and I want to bring to your attention.

First, its very important that we continue to ask for union representation when we are having conversations with management that may lead to discipline. Thank you all so much for continuing to ask for the union. Conversations with management could be about a coaching, a questioning about a specific incident, or a delivery of a discipline.

The call center has been seeing QIRs (a meeting with management or asset protection) daily. I cannot stress how important it is to cancel a customer’s line when they are requesting it. We are getting calls 3-4 times a day about these issues. The union needs your help. Please make sure you cancel lines responsibly.

Retail should know that a manager cannot change your schedule without a 48 hour advance notice and details of the needs of the business. Please make sure your managers are also posting your schedules by 12pm noon the Friday before the work week starts. I know there are some reps who like to check their schedules through the link at home (I have been guilty myself) but the correct way for us to be notified is verbally and paper copy posted for everyone to see at work.

The company stated we would have our new contract books very soon. If you need a copy immediately, you can locate it on HR OneStop under Labor Agreements, or you can ask me and I can get a copy emailed to you.

I am so thankful for each and everyone of our members who support us. Thank you for always speaking up for yourself and for your coworkers.


Karen L Rowell

February 16, 2018

As you may already know, a tentative agreement has been reached between CWA District 3 and AT&T Mobility for a new, four-year contract. This agreement contains many improvements to the previous contract that will greatly benefit our members.

The new agreement calls for improvements in the following areas:

Wages and Other Compensation

The combined 4-year wage increase will result in a compounded 10.1% base wage increase by the end of the contract. A bonus of $1,000 will add to wage gains if the contract is ratified by March 23, 2018. For retail sales consultants and Cricket COS sales advocates, base wages will also be improved by converting a portion of commission or “at-risk” pay to base pay.

General Wage Increases.

The increases listed below will be applied to the top in the basic wage schedules on the date indicated. There will be no increase at the start rate, and all other steps will be exponentially increased:

➔ 2.25% retroactive to February 10, 2018

➔ 3.00% effective February 10, 2019

➔ 2.25% effective February 9, 2020

➔ 2.25% effective February 7, 2021

Ratification Bonus

$1,000 will be paid if the contract is ratified by March 23, 2018. The bonus is available to all employees on the payroll as of the ratification date and the payout date.

Wage Protection

When the Company hires a new employee, who has no experience or training at a wage rate higher than current employees in the same title at the same location, those current employees will be raised to the same rate of pay as the new hires.

On Call Duty Pay

The daily rate for on-call pay will be increased from $36 per day to $38 per day. This is in addition to any compensation for the actual duty.

Employment Security

Job Guarantee/Employment Security Commitment for Retail and Call Center Workers

In the event of a layoff or surplus as a result of retail store or call center closure, or in the event the company eliminates or vacates a job title, the company will offer affected workers positions available at any Mobility work location covered by a CWA labor agreement within the continental U.S. The offer is available to specific job titles and the affected employees must meet expectations for current job and must be qualified for the job being offered. Affected employees have 1 working day to accept the job offer. Testing for the new job may be required, but the re-test waiting period is waived for employees acting under this ESC. The company will try to provide job offers as close as possible to the employee’s current work location.

Call center call share commitment

AT&T has guaranteed the level of calls coming into call centers covered by the “Black” contract. The company agrees to bring the level of call flow to at least 10% by December 31, 2018. The company will provide quarterly reports to CWA so that the union can ensure compliance. If the call flow percentage should fall below the agreed upon levels, there will be no involuntary surpluses declared unless there is an extraordinary drop in total call volume or other adverse economic reasons for the decline.

Force Adjustment Article for All Employees

Previously in the event of surplus, it was up to the company whether employees would have the opportunity to resign and receive a severance payment. Under this agreement it will be mandatory for the company to offer this option. The offer is made based on seniority up to the number needed to alleviate the surplus.

If the surplus remains, the company will eliminate temporary workers and contractors. This step is unchanged from the current agreement. If the surplus still remains, the company is now required to give priority placement rights for lateral and downgrade job vacancies.

In addition, the maximum severance payments have been increased to $18,000 from $17,000.


The terms of the health care plan for the years 2017 - 2020 were bargained and ratified in 2016 as part of the National Benefit Bargained Plan (NBBP). It applied to all CWA Mobility contracts across the country. That agreement included an “unwinding” provision which returned bargaining over all benefit plans to each mobility contract.

This agreement covers the plan in 2021 and 2022 only - the last two years of the contract. Under this agreement, the plan design in 2021 remains unchanged from the previous year for both the Option 1 and Option 2 plans.

Contract Changes Relating to Retail Workers

Adjustments to “At-risk” Commissions for RSCs

A $2,500 annual wage increase will be added to each step of the Retail Sales Consultants (RSCs) wage table effective 2018 and the “at-risk” commission minimums are reduced by $2,500, from $12,750 to $10,250. The 2018 General Wage Increase will be applied after this adjustment to the wage tables.

Adjustment to Wage Table for COS Sales Advocate

A $500 annual wage increase will be added to each step of the COS Sales Advocate wage table effective 2018 and the at-risk target amount will be decreased by an equal amount. The 2018 general wage increase will be applied after this adjustment to the wage tables.

Monitoring on the Sales Floor

Monitoring of employees to ensure high quality sales performance is allowed, but the number of evaluative observations that may be observed is limited to six per month. Management determines the method of evaluation and what is observed. Observations must be done on the sales floor – not by watching video in the back room.

Contract Changes Relating to Call Center Workers

Call Center Monitoring

The Letter of Agreement regarding monitoring limits the number of evaluative observations that can be observed in a month to 8. Selection of calls to be observed will alternate between management and the employee, with management selecting the first call. Management determines the method of evaluation. Any additional calls observed cannot be used for discipline except in cases of misconduct.

Calls selected for evaluation shall be selected from those calls that occurred after the employee’s most recent call evaluation.

Calls used for calibration purposes by management and additional customer calls selected for coaching purposes will not be used toward discipline except in cases of misconduct.

Rules for Employees Performing MI60 Duties

MI60 duties will be performed by bargaining unit employees only on a voluntary basis and subject to final selection by management. Such assignments will be rotated quarterly and aligned with shift bids. A shift differential will be paid. Duties will include assisting management with floor support, chat support and handling escalations. No other management duties are included – not coaching, observing, or any other documentation of performance.

Call Center “Mini Shift Bids”

In order to protect seniority and scheduling, when new hires are brought into a center; management will initiate a process to place them in open slots after existing employees have had an opportunity to bid on the open slots based on seniority order. Any slots available after the “mini-shift bid” will be filled with New Hires.

Contract Changes Relating to Technicians

Trial of Small Cell Aerial Work

In 2018, the company will conduct a trial of small cell work requiring aloft and/or bucket trucks. The trial will include training of the workers, determining the scope of the trial, meeting with CWA to discuss expectations before the trial and meeting quarterly with CWA as the trial progresses. The first meeting is set for 90-days after ratification or sooner.

Safety Equipment for Supply Chain Employees

Supply Chain employees are now eligible for safety glasses and safety footwear under similar terms to Wireless Technicians: one pair of clear lens prescription safety glasses for use indoors; or, if duties are performed outdoors, one pair of clear lens and one pair of dark lens or one pair of photocromatic lens glasses; one pair of safety footwear per calendar year.

Protecting Seniority in Workforce Imbalance Situations

Temporary moves will be done by seniority. If a temporary imbalance lasts for more than 6 months, the move will be made permanent with another canvas by seniority. Anyone reassigned will have the right to retreat to previous position if it opens up within a year of reassignment.

Other Contract Changes

Hours of Work Under Temporary Conditions

In the event the company determines emergency business conditions require a change in schedules of hours worked, management may adjust schedules on a temporary basis, but a new provision requires management to explain the business needs and the expected duration of the temporary condition so that workers can better prepare and plan for the temporary schedule change.

Flexible Excused Days with Pay Trial

There is an agreement to implement a Flexible Excused Day with Pay trial in three call centers. This is in response to your Bargaining Committee’s demands to address the attendance/quality of work life problems in the call centers.

More details on the new contract will be available soon.


February 7, 2018


  • We have noticed that incentives are decreasing little by little. The company is making it nearly impossible to earn money

  • We have filled out suggestion forms so that the bargaining committee can mention this during contract renewals

Exchange Time:

  • Retail is having a hard time getting managers to agree to use exchange time. They continue to say no based off needs of the business. The union will continue to ask the company to prove the “needs of the business”. At the next leadership meeting, the union will bring this topic to the table.

SOAR Forms:

  • Call center reps are continuously receiving the voluntary forms from the SOAR team. The union will continue to dissect these and represent our members to the fullest extent. At the February leadership meeting, this item will be a hot topic.


  • Managers are not informing reps when they are making changes to the reps schedules.

  • In retail, the scheduling system is not honoring seniority. At the next leadership meeting, the union will bring this topic to the table.


  • There have been concerns from the members about unfair treatment. Members have suggested that the mi60 role should rotate because the managers are favoring their friends. The mi60 managers are allowing some reps not to be held accountable.


  • Orange contract bargained for attendance points. Hopefully, the black contract will be able to do the same in our upcoming contract renewal.

    Contract Renewal:

  • We have discussed mobilization tactics in our most recent Mobility Mobilization classes.

  • We have collected suggestion forms and turned them in to the District for the bargaining team to analyze.


    Karen L Rowell
    Vice President of Mobility
    Office: (404) 614-3224 Cell: (770) 596-0886


More info to come